Emmerdale next week: Edna dies, Pete returns – and is Belle pregnant with Dr Bailey’s baby?

2-6 May 2016: Plus Lawrence has a shock for Chrissie

1. Ashley finds out that Edna has died


On Monday, Ashley is told by the local hospital that Edna has passed away and has to explain to Sandy that she wanted her illness kept a secret. Sandy, though, blames Ashley for not allowing him to say goodbye to Edna one last time. During Wednesday’s episode, Ashley finds Sandy alone in the church and Sandy tells him that he feels close to Edna. Ashley is left contemplating the restoration of his faith…

2. Pete returns from prison – with a mysterious letter

Pete arrives home and gives Robert a letter for Aaron written by Gordon. But Robert decides to keep it to himself! As for Pete’s plans, he intends to start a new job in Aberdeen and turns down Finn’s opportunity of work with his taxi business. In the end, Finn decides to accompany Pete to Scotland – and Emma is forced to work fast to keep her boys close. But is telling the Bartons that she has motor neurone disease really the answer?

3. Lawrence has a confession for Chrissie

Chrissie still has daddy issues and tells Lawrence that she wants a DNA sample. But Lawrence has some shocking news to impart that sends Chrissie into a tailspin. By the end of the week, Lawrence will be seen writing a cheque to get Ronnie Hale out of their lives, while Bernice insists that she knows Ronnie is Chrissie’s real father…

4. David discharges himself from hospital

Following his operation, David is keen to get up and about after his operation, but the hospital staff want him to relax. Back in the village, meanwhile, Leyla is trying to make excuses to Jacob for why David might not be at his football match later. But David causes shock when he makes a sudden appearance at the shop – will he really be able to keep news of his op from reaching Jacob’s ears?

5. Belle has a pregnancy scare

Charity is horrified when Belle tells her that she might be pregnant with Dr Bailey’s baby and is adamant that she take her morning after pill. Hoping to keep what’s happened under wraps, Belle goes up to bed feeling nauseous. But Lisa is horrified to find her emergency contraception.

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