Next week on Emmerdale: Paddy and Rhona say goodbye, Belle and Dr Bailey start a fire, plus Pierce is on the warpath

18-22 April 2016: And Andy is desperate to find Debbie


All next week’s drama on Emmerdale revealed…


1. Rhona and Paddy say goodbye

Vanessa and Rhona are completely thrown when – on Monday – Paddy and Rhona reveal that they are leaving for Germany today. Paddy and Aaron hug goofbye, relieved to have put things right between the two of them. And the villagers gather to wave them farewell as they set off for a fresh start…

2. Belle v Joanie – round two!

The pair are coming to blows again, this time with Joanie getting the upper hand thanks to a well-placed slap. In th run-up to the showdown,  Joanie realise that Lisa has something to do with a ring of hers that has gone missing – all of which sees Belle leaping in to defend her mum. But Belle’s badmouthing of Joanie goes too far and the latter ends up resorting to violence. As Zak walks into the factory, he witnesses Joanie launching a physical attack on Belle – but what will make of the fight that’s unfolding before his eyes?

3. Dr Bailey and Belle start a fire

Temperatures are rising during an out-of-hours ‘consultation’ at the factory. But it’s not down to the passion between Belle and Dr Bailey. In fact, the blaze is down to a lit candle in a bin – so will the two illicit lovers be caught out as a result of the fire they’ve inadvertently started?

4. Pierce is on the warpath

Pierce, meanwhile, is taking action to find out the truth about Tess’s death by distributing flyers at the scene of the accident to get information. By Thursday, Pierce gets a shock by what he hears and is soon on the warpath. By the end of the week, he’s choosing to stick around in the village – does he have a vendetta to pursue?

5. Andy needs to find Debbie

Andy is fuming when he sees that Debbie has sent a card to Moira. Pleading with her that he needs to know the whereabouts of his kids, Moira agrees to help him find her. Cain is none too happy about what’s going on, while Holly is stirring things to her own advantage from the sidelines. And matters get even more fraught when Chrissie gets involved…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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