Next week on Emmerdale: Andy is beaten up, Lawrence has a heart attack – plus Belle kisses Dr Bailey

4-8 April 2016: Plus Zak ends up punching Rishi!


Your guide to all next week’s drama on Emmerdale…


1. Andy is savagely beaten

When Andy tells Bernice that he and Chrissie are going to tell Lawrence about their relationship, he gets the wrong idea and pays for some thugs to beat Andy up. But, later, when Lawrence sees Chrissie cradling an injured Andy, the penny drops and he realises he’s got it wrong. 

2. Lawrence has a heart attack

Chrissie is shocked to realise that her dad was the one who hired the thugs and confronts Lawrence about what has happened. Later on, Lawrence collapses on the floor in the middle of a cardiac arrest, with only Robert around to offer any help. But will Robert get assistance or leave his former father in law to die?

3. Gabby gets close to Jacob

After stealing a bottle of vodka, Gabby and Jacob head to the pavilion where they play a drinking game before ending up kissing. But how will Ashley react when he smells the alcohol on Gabby?

4. Belle kisses Dr Bailey

Belle is shocked to realise that Dr Bailey is married, but he attempts to talk her round. And it looks like he’s going to be successful because, by the week’s end, Belle is heading over to the doctor’s surgery in order to kiss the GP.

5. Zak punches Rishi

Zak is far from amused when Kerry says that Rishi has changed the work rota because he fancies Joanie. And his anger only grows when he learns that Joanie will actually be working side by side with Rishi in the office. In the end, Zak ends up punching Rishi in front of a mortified Belle and Lisa. 

6. What is Holly’s plan for Cain?

Holly nags Cain to teach her how to throw a punch and accidentally socks him one in the face. Enjoying the banter, Holly opts to stay, a decision that delights mum Moira. But why exactly is Holly choosing to stick around?

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