Emmerdale: Holly’s drug problems have returned, reveals Sophie Powles

When she makes her comeback this week, Moira's daughter will be in debt to a boyfriend who bought her heroin


Her original stint in Emmerdale was defined by her drug addiction – and it seems that Holly Barton’s problems with illegal substances are far from over.


Actress Sophie Powles will be back on the ITV soap this week, with Holly’s comeback story revolving around a debt she owes to an ex-boyfriend who bought her drugs.

And the stage is soon set for a showdown when Dean shows up in the village wanting to recoup his losses!

Says Powles about the danger that Holly is in: “She was doing well in London, working hard and spending time with her boyfriend Dean. And then some people she was working with on a weekend were doing the party lifestyle and dabbling in cocaine.

“Holly thought that because she was fine and clean, she’d be fine with a bit of coke. But then it turned from cocaine to even harder substances and she got herself into a mess. Dean didn’t want to go out with her anymore, but she still owes him money for the drugs she had.

“So Dean is back now and to everybody else it seems like he’s just her boyfriend. But later on, when everyone else has gone, we’re left with a very intimidated Holly and a boyfriend demanding money.”

In order to get hold of the cash, Holly will be seen forming a plan with Charity to make it look as though the Woolpack has been robbed. After Charity sets the fire alarm off at the pub, Holly sneaks down to the cellar and empties the safe of its contents, which she intends to share with Charity.

But Charity has secretly told Moira what Holly is up to – and pretty soon mother and daughter are having a showdown, during which Holly reveals all about the money she owes.

Thankfully, there’s one person in the village who knows all-too-well how to deal with disreputable people: enter Cain with a plan to get Dean off Holly’s back.

On the topic of Cain’s scheme, Powles says: “Cain’s got a van load of stolen goods, which he uses as collateral to make Dean leave Holly alone. And when Dean leaves Holly humiliated and heartbroken, she’s forced into going home with Cain.

“Holly’s really embarrassed and ashamed of herself. She’s not a bad person – she’s just this girl with a drug addiction that keeps clawing her back in. 

“Ultimately, Holly has to admit to Moira that she did relapse when she was in London and started using heroin again. But then she promises her that she wants to be clean.

“She’s a young girl who made one bad decision that shaped the rest of her life. And when she makes that promise to Moira, she’s genuine. But whether she can keep it or not is another matter.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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