Emmerdale: David fears he has testicular cancer, reveals actor Matthew Wolfenden

Dr Bailey will be seen telling David that he's found a lump


David Metcalfe will be left fearing that he has testicular cancer after Dr Bailey finds a lump during a routine check-up.


Scenes to be broadcast next week see David accompany Eric to the surgery amid concerns that his dad might have problems with his prostate. But it’s David who’ll be left worried about his own future after the GP runs some tests.

“David has only agreed to have an MOT to please his dad. But the doctor sits David down after giving him a once over and tells him that he’s found a small lump on the right testicle,” says actor Matthew Wolfenden. “David then needs to be booked in for a scan to see what it is, even though it could just be a cyst.”

Despite Dr Bailey telling David that the lump might prove to be nothing to worry about, the shop owner will start to fret that it is malignant. Wednesday’s episode will find Leyla catching David trying to take a photo down his own trousers, all of which leads to him sharing his cancer fears.

Soap bosses are not yet revealing what the outcome of David’s scan will be, but Wolfenden has hopes that the storyline will encourage young men to self-check for signs of testicular cancer.

“In the past, I haven’t checked myself but I definitely will from now on. I don’t think that lads really do check themselves because they don’t think that it’s going to happen to them, even though it is more prevalent in guys in their early 20s to mid-30s.

“But I’ve had friends who’ve had this and who’ve had to have a testicle removed, so it’s been interesting to talk to them about doing this storyline. I hope that it will raise some important issues.”

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