Next week on Emmerdale: Holly returns, Pierce hits Paddy, plus Lisa sells up

And Rhona wants a new life in Germany


Your guide to all next week’s drama on Emmerdale…


1. Pierce attacks Paddy

Having found Tess’s secret second phone, a suspicious Pierce is soon trying to find about the identity of his late wife’s mystery man. When Rhona is quizzed, she ends up blurting out the truth – all of which leads to a showdown in the Woolpack, where Paddy is punched to the floor.

2. Rhona wants a new life in Germany

Despite the truth about Paddy’s infidelity being out in the open, Rhona is still adamant about making her marriage work. Her plan? Moving to Germany for six months! But Marlon lays down the law and says that Leo can’t go with them. Can Carly convince him to change his mind?

3. Holly Barton is back

Holly returns, but as with all good soap returnee, she’s harbouring a secret. Friday’s episode will see Holly introduce her new ‘boyfriend’ Dean, who privately tells her that he’s there for debt collecting. And Holly is also scheming to split Cain from Moira, when she tries to strike a deal with Charity to get Cain back for a price.

4. Lisa plans to sell the family home

With a skint Joanie getting her job back at the factory, Lisa feels like she has little choice but to sell up to get Zak and his new woman off her back. Belle is shocked and saddened at the decision but Lisa reassures her daughter that they’ll find somewhere to live that they can call home.

5. Will Charity be fooled?

Nicola tries to hoodwink Charity by preparing a fake set fo accounts for the haulage firm. But you don’t fool someone as crafty as Charity that easily. Cain, though, has a good go when he works out that Charity and Ross are dodgy dealing again. After catching her out, Cain warns her about working with Ross. But it looks like the last laugh could be on Charity when Cain’s car goes missing…

6. Val’s oversized headstone arrives

The village regulars are taken aback when they see the size of Val’s headstone. But David is also worrying about the absence of a certain Eric Pollard, who’s not answering his phone. David tries to delay proceedings, so that his dad can make it in time, but will he be successful?

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