Next week on Emmerdale: Gordon is in court, Laurel and Ashley prepare to wed, while Ross is blackmailed

Plus Andy and Chrissie get together - and Megan talks business with Leyla


Your handy guide to all of next week’s drama on Emmerdale…


1. Gordon plays the sick card in court

Aaron gets strong support at Gordon’s court hearing, but the manipulative abuser behaves like he’s seriously ill and collapses. Aaron’s sister Liv, meanwhile, refuses to believe that her dad is guilty and tracks him down. Will she end up betraying her brother? Plus Sandra admits to Chas that she knew about the abuse, but she still refuses to give a statement to the police. Chas pleads with her, asking what she would do if Liv was in Aaron’s place…

2. Ashley and Laurel prepare to tie the knot

As ever with soap weddings, complications are rife. First of all, Laurel realises that dad Doug doesn’t want her to marry Ashley and says that she doesn’t want him there on the day. Then comes the bombshell that the vicar is too hungover to do the service following a night at the bride’s hen party. In the church, Harriet ends up putting on a brave face as she prepares to marry Ashley and Laurel. But can Doug make amends and be there for his daughter?

3. Chrissie swaps Robert for Andy

Chrissie hooks up with Andy in the wake of her divorce from his brother Robert being finalised.On the day that her marriage comes to an official end, Chrissie spends her time enjoying the company of Andy. She fakes hurting her ankle – and when Andy picks her up, it soon becomes clear that she isn’t in pain at all. After cheekily tripping Andy up, Chrissie races to the house. And when Andy catches up with her, Chrissie impulsively grabs him and pulls him in for a passionate kiss!

4. Ross needs cash after Charity blackmails him

Chas has Ross over a barrel when she tells him that she knows he shot Robert. Her demands? £50,000 in cash. Hence a desperate Ross heading into town in disguise with baby Moses to fleece a local jeweller’s. When Charity arrives just as he’s exiting the establishment, will she end up being his saviour? Certainly, by the end of the week, Charity is trying to get Ross on side as she faces financial pressure of her own, but will he be tempted by her dodgy business offer? 

5. Megan throws herself into work and motherhood

Jai is thrown by Megan’s resolve when she insists that she doesn’t need his financial help when it comes to baby Eliza. However, Leyla is later taken aback when Megan asks to be partners in the business again. Leyla agrees, but only after seeing how much Megan is secretly struggling.

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