Matthew Wolfenden teases Emmerdale Christmas 2015 episode

Could David and Eric Pollard put their differences aside in time for 25 December?

Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden has raised the possibility of a Christmas Day reconciliation between David Pollard and dad Eric.


The pair are currently at loggerheads thanks to Eric’s increasingly erratic behaviour in the wake of the death of his wife Val. But Wolfenden has high hopes that the two of them can put their differences aside in time for the festive season.

“When people come up to me in the supermarket, they’re all really angry at Eric for what he’s been like with David,” says the actor. “David has tried everything to help his dad. So I hope that things can turn around and that Pollard comes out of this downward spiral and takes David, Finn, Tracy, Diane and all his loved ones back into his life. Hopefully, the Christmas episode is going to be good for that group go people. It should be good.”

But before things get better, it’s only going to get worse for Eric, who is left reeling next week when a shrine he’s set up in Val’s memory is desecrated and an engagement ring stolen.With Eric feeling that his world has fallen apart, it’s up to David to track down the ring.  

“Yes, David takes it upon himself to find the stolen ring. He thinks that if he can find it, then Pollard will stop his descent into madness and talk to David. So this is David’s quest – it’s like Lord of the Rings!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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