Emmerdale: will Bernice marry Lawrence following her night of passion with Andy? Samantha Giles interview

"She's very unsure about whether she's doing the right thing in going through with the wedding," admits the actress

Kerry’s mission to prove to Bernice that a sexless marriage would be a big mistake will see the bride-to-be pushed back into the arms of ex-boyfriend Andy. But will a night of passion be enough for Bernice to call off her and Laurence’s wedding?


“She’s very unsure about whether she’s doing the right thing in going through with the wedding,” admits actress Samantha Giles. “Kerry’s been saying to Bernice that there’s no point in marrying Lawrence because he’s not interested in sex and Bernice is a very sexual person. And her mum Diane doesn’t approve of the White family. So the pressure has been building up and it all comes to a crescendo on the hen night.”

When Andy – thanks to Kerry’s machinations – arrives at the 11th hour to put Bernice’s feelings under the spotlight, the pair are soon finding their shared passion reignited. But does Bernice think that sleeping with Andy is a way of getting out of marrying Lawrence?

“At this point, Bernice is looking at Andy as the knight in shining armour who has come to rescue her. There could be hope. She might not be trapped.”

But the trouble is that the morning after the night before finds Andy admitting to Bernice that – although he certainly doesn’t regret what has happened – he does not envisage a future for the two of them.

Says Giles: “Bernice asks Andy if there’s anything more for them and he says that, at that time, there isn’t. It was great, but he can’t go beyond that moment and give her anything else. So Bernice feels like her heart is broken. She was ready to call the wedding off if she thought Andy wanted to be with her. But he says can’t. So she knows that she now has to tell Lawrence and face the music.”

With Chrissie having clocked Andy and Bernice together, it’s a race against time as to who is going to be the first to tell Lawrence. But even though Chrissie is the one to divulge that she’s witnessed Bernice cheating, it seems the groom still doesn’t intend to give up on the woman he wants to marry.

Despite Bernice saying she needs intimacy in her marriage and that she can’t marry Lawrence if she has to give it up, he refuses to call time on the nuptials. In a surprise move, Lawrence will be seen saying that if they marry, he would turn a blind eye to her sleeping with other people, as he would rather share her than lose her.

But can Bernice sign up to such an open arrangement? And what would Samantha Giles advise her character to do?

“I’d say, ‘don’t do it’. In my opinion, that’s not a marriage. What’s the point in getting married? You may as well just split up and see other people. But maybe it’s more common than we think. Perhaps it does work for some people. But personally, I don’t think it can be an option.”

But despite not holding out much hope for Lawrence’s plan, it seems the actress is keen to explore the impact of this lack of physical intimacy on Bernice should she opt to get hitched to Lawrence:

“I think they’re a very interesting partnership, in spite of the fact that there’s no physical relationship. They do have quite a lot in common. They’re an odd match but it seems to work. And this issue hasn’t been tackled before in a soap and it’s an interesting thing to explore.”

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