Emmerdale: Rhona catches Paddy and Tess together – watch the full scene

Will the guilty pair be forced to confess their affair?

Rhona and Paddy’s illicit fling could well be exposed this week when Rhona catches the pair having a very incriminating conversation.


Scenes to be shown this week will see Paddy sneaking around behind his wife’s back and sharing a kiss with teaching assistant Tess in her classroom.

The surprise moment of passion leads to Tess telling Rhona that she will no longer be Leo’s teaching assistant.

Paddy will also be seen finding another quiet moment to go and see Tess, who explains that she can’t teach Leo and have a fling with him at the same time. But both are unaware that Rhona is within earshot. Just what has she overheard? 

You can watch the clip from Wednesday’s episode below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all the coming week’s drama on Emmerdale.


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