Emmerdale: diabetes shock for Kerry when she loses her sight – Laura Norton interview

Unhealthy Kerry will be told by doctors that she has diabetic retinopathy in scenes to be shown next week

Party girl Kerry Wyatt is to lose the sight in one eye when she’s diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy.


Hard-living Kerry is told by doctors that if she doesn’t change her unhealthy diet, then she could eventually face total blindness.

“She’s really scared,” says actress Laura Norton. “It’s a terrifying prospect to have had sight and then, because you’ve neglected to look after yourself, be told that you might lose it. But this is the best wake-up call that she could have had.”

Prior to the diagnosis, Kerry will be seen being chastised by partner Dan for not taking her diabetes seriously. But when she decides to show Dan that she’s capable of exercising, her efforts backfire.

After getting on a tandem (and roping Bernice along for the ride), the pair end up crashing into the side of the village church. But it’s Kerry’s sudden blindness in one eye that leaves her terrified.

“When it happens, nobody is taking her seriously,” continues Norton. “She’s like the boy who cried wolf. Everyone is more concerned about Bernice and not really listening to Kerry, until she screams at them that she’s frightened and needs an ambulance.  It would be a terrifying thing if, out of nowhere and with no warning signs, you have darkness in one eye.”

And will what the doctors tell her result in Kerry changing her ways? “Hopefully, because if she doesn’t make permanent changes, these consequences will follow through.

“Hopefully she’s going to realise that she’s not going to be able to drink, smoke or eat rubbish. As a person, when that’s all you’ve been used to for a number of years, it’s going to have a big impact. But this will make her realise that she’s got a lot in her life to live for.”

However, viewers can rest assured that there will still be plenty of comedy plotlines ahead where Kerry is concerned. “She’s a very out-there character,” assures Norton. “Regardless of her lifestyle change, there’ll still be adventures to be had. There’s a lot of Kerry still in Kerry.”

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