Emmerdale: watch Robert and Andy’s death crash – see the full scene

Will either of the Sugden brothers survive the smash?

The Sugden brothers are staring death in the face next week when they drive full pelt at each other before smashing up their vehicles.


A cliffhanger moment from Thursday’s episode will see Andy’s Land Rover take on Robert’s Porsche in a game of chicken that results in an almighty crash.

The collision will be reminiscent of the memorable stand-off between the siblings from a decade ago that ended up claiming the life of Max King.

This latest showdown comes when secrets are spilled about the night of Robert’s shooting – but will Andy finally admit to being complicit in the crime? And will either of the two lads survive the resultant stand-off?

Speaking about the pivotal moment, actor Kelvin Fletcher – who plays Andy – says: “It’s a huge stunt. This game of chicken goes horribly wrong.

“The cars crash and Andy gets stuck and is left fighting for his life. Last time, Max King died while in that situation. This time it’s purely about the two Sugden brothers and whether or not Andy gets saved.”

You can watch the smash-up below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Emmerdale.


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