Emmerdale: car crash horror for Andy and Robert Sugden – will they both die?

Actors Kelvin Fletcher and Ryan Hawley reveal all about next week's dramatic scenes

History will repeat itself on Emmerdale next week when siblings Andy and Robert Sugden are involved in a high-speed car crash.


The collision looks set to echo events of a decade ago when the brothers also went head to head in a smash-up that claimed the life of Max King.

This time, the Sugdens will stare death in the face after Robert finally works out that Andy was involved in the recent shooting that left him in a coma.

After discovering what went on during that fateful night, Robert will again find his life on the line when his Porsche goes up against Andy’s Land Rover.

“It’s a huge stunt,” promises Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy. “This game of chicken goes horribly wrong, The cars crash and Andy gets stuck and is left fighting for his life. Last time, Max King died while in that situation. This time it’s purely about the two Sugden brothers and whether or not Andy gets saved.”

Viewers will be left on tenterhooks as they wait to see whether Robert will come to Andy’s aid or abandon him to his fate. Says Fletcher of the cliffhanger moment:

“There’s nobody else who can save Andy other than Robert. And it really highlights the relationship between the two of them – it’s a great opportunity for Robert to leave him, but there is something in him that makes him want to do the right thing.”

As for whether Robert should be seen as an outright villain, actor Ryan Hawley adds: I can’t exactly look at him and think that he’s horrible. Robert is redeemable – he is a human being, but he just has a different opinion to everyone else.

“I like to think he is a well rounded character he has more going on than just being devious.”

You can see what happens in the aftermath of the dramatic crash when Emmerdale airs these scenes on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 November.

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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