“Cain has to get rid of Robert” – Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley on shock new murder plot

"Cain believes that Chrissie is guilty and that Aaron is innocent. So he's 100 per cent happy to see her go down"

Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley has revealed that Cain will be “hell-bent” on killing Robert in next week’s dramatic episodes.


Bad boy Cain comes up with his shock murder scheme after growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of Aaron Livesy, who has been arrested and incarcerated for the crime.

“Cain goes to see Aaron in prison and is genuinely worried by what he sees,” says Hordley. “He knows that Aaron has suicidal tendencies and a history of self-harming. So Cain knows that he has to sort the situation out and do something for his family.”

With Chas also agitated about what will happen to her son, Cain then decides to frame Chrissie. “Cain believes that Chrissie is guilty and that Aaron is innocent. So he’s 100 per cent happy to see her go down.

“As the years have gone by, Cain has become one of the major players in the Dingle family. And he feels that he’s now got to do what’s necessary for the sake of all of them.”

Cain’s opportunity comes during Bernice and Lawrence’s engagement party at Home Farm, an event that sees him enter the property to do a spot of pilfering and cause trouble for the Whites.

“Yes, Cain goes to Home Farm and pinches a pair of scissors from Chrissie’s room that he’s going to use to cut the oxygen tube in the hospital. He then sees that there’s a party going, so decides to goad Chrissie and the Whites in a very Cluedo whodunnit way.

“He asks whether the gunman could be Professor Plum, meaning Lawrence, or Colonel Messed Up, meaning Lachlan. And then Cain says that Mrs White has to be the number one suspect. He announces that it must be embarrassing for Chrissie to know that Robert became gay because she couldn’t please him in bed.

“In that moment, Chrissie snaps and shouts that she wishes Robert was dead, leaving all of the villagers aghast. So now Cain can go to the hospital and do what he has to do.”

And what that involves for Cain is him heading to Robert’s hospital bed to do away with him, framing Chrissie in the process. Says Hordley:

“Cain turns up with a big teddy over his face in order to hide from the CCTV cameras. He then makes a call to Chrissie pretending he’s a doctor and tells her to come down to the hospital. In true Cain style, he then pinches some flowers and goes to see Robert.

“But just as he’s about to cut the oxygen tube, Zak walks in and attempts to talk him down. But Cain is hell-bent on doing it.”

So will Cain actually end up killing Robert? “Well, Zak and Cain do end up having a big heart to heart,” teases Hordley. “It’s a life-changing moment for the pair of them.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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