Emmerdale: Aaron tells a critically injured Robert to “hurry up and die”

But what will a tormented Aaron end up doing next to his ex-lover?

Is Aaron Livesy your number one suspect in the Who Shot Robert Sugden mystery?


Let’s take a look at the evidence: well, he certainly hated the victim, even more so after Robert cruelly humiliated him at the scrap yard. And – if you remember – he was first on the scene last Friday when Robert took a bullet.

Now, we have Aaron admitting to the police that he did have an affair with Robert, but didn’t hate him enough to shoot him. But Aaron is certainly making his feelings more plain when he pays Robert a visit at the hospital.

As Robert lies in an induced coma, Aaron verbally lays into him, reminding his ex-lover that there are a string of villagers who hate him. Then, to top it all, Aaron menacingly whispers that he hopes Robert will die. Just what does he intend to do next?

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