Does Andy shoot Robert? “He wants to get rid of him,” says Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher

Andy will discover the truth about Katie's death - but does this result in him trying to kill Robert?

Andy Sugden is to fly into fierce rage next week when he finally finds out that Robert was responsible for Katie’s death. But will that anger lead to him putting a bullet into his brother?


“In Andy’s eyes, Robert killed Katie. And Andy has now discovered that. So Andy feels betrayed and immensely angry towards Robert for ruining the only good thing he had in his life. He’s prime suspect number one,” says actor Kelvin Fletcher.

Andy will be seen piecing together the clues and confronting Robert, who makes a full confession. And yet Robert – who is no stranger to a bit of deception – is soon wriggling his way out of the situation. After begin arrested on suspicion of murder, Robert tells the police that Andy made up the allegation.

“Robert has really shown his true colours. He confesses to Andy and then lies to everyone else. So Robert has proven himself to be the same callous, manipulative, lying person that he’s always been. And Andy feels that the sooner he can get rid of him the better. He feels he owes it to Katie.”

Events come to a head in the episode airing on Friday 25 September when, during a surprise late-night ambush, Robert is shot and left critically ill. Yet despite the dramatic nature of the plotline, it seems that the cast of Emmerdale still found time to have fun behind the scenes.

“Night shoots are great,” says Fletcher, in reference to the moment when the villagers converge on the scene of the shooting. “They always feel quite mischievous and naughty because you’re out working while everyone else is in bed. And there’s a sense of nostalgia too because when you’re doing a night shoot, it generally means that it’s a big storyline. Everyone has to be on their A game, but you do tend to do a few more pranks than usual.”

As for the solution to the mystery of who shot Robert, Emmerdale fans should be braced for something a bit different, says one of the case’s prime suspects: “I can’t wait for it to play put. I think it’ll be a ‘soap first’ as to how it’s revealed. What Emmerdale has in mind is unique. It’ll be very exciting for viewers.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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