Ross and Debbie to reunite, reveals Emmerdale star Michael Parr – “They’re very passionate people”

The actor also reveals more about Ross's plan to do away with his brother Pete

Debbie is to fall back into the arms of bad boy Ross Barton – but are the pair really going to reignite their relationship?


“Ross and Debbie are very volatile,” admits actor Michael Parr. “They’re a couple who are constantly breaking up and getting back together. But they genuinely care about each other. They just don’t know how to handle each other’s feelings. They’re very passionate people.”

Upcoming episodes will see the Bartons left shocked after word gets out that Debbie has spent with the night with Ross. And even Chas takes Debbie to task about her choice of boyfriends, warning her that a reconciliation with Ross is bound to be bad news.

But Parr believes that the feelings between Ross and Debbie are real. “There’s genuine love there,” he insists. “At first, Ross just wanted to have what his brother Pete had. But now there’s a genuine bond and connection. And Ross will pursue that.”

One other thing that Ross will also be pursuing is his revenge plan for Pete. Viewers already have an inkling that something sinister is lying behind Ross’s smiles. And Emmerdale fans won’t have long to wait to see what Ross has planned for his brother. 

Next week’s episodes will see Ross planning to kill Pete and make it look like suicide. A vengeful Ross will take advantage of Pete’s depressed state by getting him horrendously drunk before staging a scene that suggests he’s taken his own life.

After penning a fake suicide note, Ross lifts a comatose Pete onto a bed and aims a shotgun over his prone form. But will Ross have it in him to pull the trigger?

“Well, no one’s a murderer until they kill somebody. And when somebody is pushed, who knows what they’re capable of. Ross is very dangerous and you’ll have to wait and see how angry he is.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale here.


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