Emmerdale: Vanessa to give birth prematurely, reveals Michelle Hardwick – but will the baby be OK?

"It's a really worrying time for everyone because it's not 100 per cent all right"

A worried Vanessa Woodfield will go into premature labour after suffering a shock fall at the factory. The tumble happens during the launch of Kirin’s cordial as he, Jai and Rakesh come to blows. But when Vanessa becomes an unexpected casualty, she ends up being rushed to hospital and giving birth early.


“There’s some argy-bargy. Jai pushes Rakesh and he knocks into Vanessa and she goes absolutely flying,” says actress Michelle Hardwick. “Rakesh, of course, knows that she’s carrying his grandchild but he can’t show that.”

Thanks to Rakesh swapping the DNA test results that revealed Kirin – and not Adam – to be the father of the baby, the parentage of the baby remains hidden. But Kirin is quick to rush to Vanessa’s side when she collapses later in the day and has to be taken to the labour ward.

“We all know how mature Kirin is. He goes to the hospital and doesn’t leave her side. And, of course, she needs him at that point.” And what’s the outlook when the baby is born prematurely? “Oh, you’ll have to tune in to see the outcome of that. But it’s a really worrying time for everyone because it’s not 100 per cent all right.”

And this being soapland, surely the big baby secret is bound to be blown at some point. So is Hardwick looking forward to the day when the twist comes to light? “Well, there are so many repercussions, aren’t there? Moira thinks she’s the grandma, James believes that he’s the granddad.

“Then you have Adam, who’s actually not related to the baby at all. And Rakesh and Priya who have kept this secret. I’m really excited for all that.”

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