Emmerdale: Aaron and Robert to get back together? “It’s only a matter of time,” says Danny Miller

"Deep down, Aaron and Robert do love each other," adds the actor

Their affair may have come to an acrimonious end, but Emmerdale actor Danny Miller believes that a reunion between Aaron Livesy and Robert Sugden is inevitable.


On the topic of the relationship, Miller says: “It’s been shelved temporarily, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s reopened and we see what Robert and Aaron really feel for each other.”

Aaron put a stop his fling with Robert following the latter’s attempts to kill village vet Paddy Kirk. But after the break-up, an emotionally distraught Aaron wasted no time in putting Robert’s wife Chrissie in the picture about what had been going on.

Now, in the wake of the revelation, Miller believes that Robert would want to see Chrissie back on an even keel before reigniting things with Aaron.

“Deep down, Aaron and Robert do love each other. But I think it would certainly mean Chrissie moving on with her life before Robert would even consider it. Then it’s a case of whether Aaron would accept him back. He has lied so much.

“As much as Aaron and Robert are great, Aaron just needs a good lad who’ll keep his feet on the ground. But I doubt that’ll ever happen because then there’d be no more drama for the character.”

And speaking of drama, it seems that there’s plenty of that in the offing for Aaron next week when Andy Sugden gets closer to finding out the truth about what happened on the day of Katie’s death.

A panicky Aaron will be left fretting when Andy finds a phone bill that lists the final number that Katie dialled before she met her maker. And, of course, that number was Aaron’s…

“Aaron’s so scared of what the outcome might be. He hides the phone, turns it on silent, gets a new phone…But it eventually gets too much and, in typical Aaron fashion, he runs away from the problem. He goes to London, but that gives Andy more time to investigate without Aaron being there.”

And would Miller relish the opportunity of seeing Andy discover the truth about Aaron’s part in Katie’s demise? “Definitely. It’s been a big team effort and I’m looking forward to see what the outcome will be. At the moment, I’m just as much in limbo as the viewers!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes below.


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