Emmerdale: Rachel leaves the village – new details about Gemma Oaten’s final episode revealed

There's one final surprise in store for Rachel before she exits later this week

Fresh details have been revealed about Rachel’s Breckle departure from Emmerdale, which is set to be screened this Wednesday.


Rachel decides to depart after her physical abuse of Sam is witnessed by her sister Ali, who has returned for Ruby’s funeral. After Ali warns her that she needs to sort her life out, Rachel decides to leave for Liverpool in the company of her sister.

Matters remain awkward between Sam and Rachel and, despite knowing that it’s for the best, Sam is devastated to be losing her. Jai is also shocked to hear that Rachel is moving to Liverpool but is powerless to stop her. But there’s a surprise for Rachel too when she goes to see Megan to offer thanks for her help – only for Megan to then reveal that she’s pregnant.

Speaking about saying her goodbyes, actress Gemma Oaten said this week: “It’s heartbreaking. On the last occasion, Rachel ran off. But this time, she does actually get to say goodbye to Sam.

“Hand on heart, it was one of the most truthful performances that we’ve both ever given. Leaving James Hooton is hard because he’s ace. But Rachel’s not been killed off, so the door is open.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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