Emmerdale: a body to be found as the Bartons hunt for Ross

Emma set to blame Cain for her son's death - and soon the police are getting involved

There are tense times ahead for the Barton clan next week when the police reveal that they’ve found a dead body – could it be Ross?


Pete, of course, did away with his brother during a recent showdown, but has so far kept the killing a secret from his nearest and dearest.

But a suspicious Emma will turn detective after finding some of Ross’s belongings. Is the truth about to come out?

“To begin with, Emma thinks that Ross has run away. But when she finds Ross’s wallet with all his cash and cards inside, Emma goes out of her mind with worry,” explains actress Gillian Kearney. “When she checks his bank account, she sees that no money has been taken out since the day he disappeared. So Emma thinks that he’s met an untimely end.”

But instead of focusing her attention on Pete, Emma decides that Cain must be responsible for Ross’s demise. After Debbie lets slip some incriminating information about her dad’s doings, Emma confronts Cain, who admits that he threatened Ross and handed him a fake passport.

So what does Emma do about this shock turn of events? “Well, James tells her not to call the police, but Emma feels that she’s let Ross down enough in the past. So she goes behind James’s back and calls the police.

“Finn backs her with that decision too. Emma thinks that her son is dead and she wants to bring Cain to justice.”

And by the week’s end, when investigating officers reveal that they’ve recovered a corpse, could it be curtains for Cain thanks to Emma’s vengeful actions?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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