Ross Barton is a shock victim of the Emmerdale disaster as Pete buries his body in the woods

The Barton bad boy met his summer fate at the hospital at the hands of his furious brother

As if losing Ruby Haswell and Val Pollard to the helicopter disaster wasn’t enough to deal with, Emmerdale viewers got quite the shock this evening when Ross Barton fell victim to his own brother’s fury and ended up buried in the woods.


“Pete’s always been very domesticated, the good boy so it was great to be given this opportunity to see this other side of Pete.” Quinlan teased at a recent press event.  

“I had an inkling the scripts would get dark but how dark it gets is beyond belief. There needs to be retribution for Pete, he needs to get this dealt with”, he added.

“If it was me, there would be repercussions, his life has been turned upside down. He’s obviously still in love with Debbie but he needs answers, why not let him down before and save the humiliation? As far as Ross goes Pete is absolutely livid with him. They’ve both done so much wrong. I’d never be able to forgive any of them.”

But not even Quinlan’s cryptic comments could have prepared viewers for the sight of Pete beating his brother to a pulp and dumping his body in a shallow grave in the woods.

And as for Michael Parr? Well, he did say what lay ahead was far bigger than his dramatic Donna storyline. 

“Months ago when Quinlan went up to see Kate and he found out what the story was, he came down and he literally needed his jaw in a wheel barrow and I looked at him and said ‘What’s going on’ and he was like ‘I can’t tell you’” he revealed at a press event last week.

“You come in as a new family and you feel like there’s a lot of pressure and when I got the Donna storyline I couldn’t believe that in such a short time they’re giving me this storyline and when it ended I thought I had peaked. No offence to Verity but this story has been bigger than what me and her were.”

And that’s really something, coming from the actor who’s been involved in some of the show’s biggest plots.

From Donna’s death to Moses’ birth, the affair with Debbie and of course, Laurel’s carjacking, Ross has played a major part in Emmerdale since his arrival in 2013. He quickly gained a reputation as the village’s ladies man, and actor Michael Parr was nominated for Sexiest Male and Best Newcomer at The British Soap Awards.

The affair with Debbie and plot to ruin her wedding day was a step too far for Pete though, it seems: Anthony Quinlan really wasn’t kidding when he said we’d see a darker side to the Barton golden boy.

How will Pete cope with what he’s done?

Find out when Emmerdale’s disaster week continues.


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