Emmerdale: Megan’s revenge plot hits a snag thanks to a pregnancy test, says Gaynor Faye

Will the outcome of the test scupper her plans to bring down Jai?

Megan Macey isn’t a woman to mess with but Jai Sharma has done just that, time and time again.


Last summer he did the dirty on her with Leyla and, just a year later, he’s back to his old tricks, having another affair with his former flame while ruthlessly fighting Rachel for custody of Archie.

But Megan knows exactly what he’s up to and is prepared to pull out all the stops to bring him down and send him to prison – even teaming up with Rachel in the process.

“By now we’ve seen that Jai’s planted drugs on Rachel so that she’s seen as an unfit mother and obviously she’s been arrested. He’s trying to make her look like a really bad mum to Archie to get full custody of Archie so Megan realizes that he’s got a contact and finds out who the contact is that he used” explains actress Gaynor Faye.

“He gets a bit cocksure and tells Megan that he used to mess around with this dealer in his heyday. So Megan goes rifling through Jai’s mobile phone, finds this guy’s name and rings him.”

However, Megan hasn’t shared her plan with Rachel or Sam, and gets in way over her head without thinking the whole thing through: “She kind of goes all guns blazing thinking this is it, I’m going to do this and think about the consequences that could follow that. She organizes to meet him and places an order, not really knowing what to do but knowing that she needs enough to be able to put Jai away.”

Knowing Jai has no feelings for her and is planning to leave with Layla as soon as he gets Archie back, Megan sets her sights on a prison sentence for him.

“She wants to stay in the village, she can’t be there with him so the best way is to get him out of the picture really and still end up maybe running his business” says Faye, “so for her, putting him in prison would be the best outcome.”

Of course, this being Emmerdale,the best outcome isn’t always possible. Jai cottons on to what she’s up to and just when she needs to keep a clam head, she obtains a pregnancy test that has the potential to change her world.

“It’s a real curveball that’s thrown into the situation, and obviously the potential of a baby, knowing how much Jai wants a baby and what he will do to keep a baby and to get custody of a baby, this is a very nerve wracking moment for Megan”, says Faye.

“She would love nothing more than to have a baby I think, considering she’s lost her child, she’s got no family left, there’s nothing for her so for her it’s really mixed feelings when she gets the pregnancy test and the result could be amazing.”

It also has the potential to link her to Jai forever though, as Faye points out: “It’s going to be tragic either way because even if she is pregnant and has the baby she’s always going to be beholden to Jai which is horrific for her because she knows the extent he will go to to get custody.”

“But also she knows that if she isn’t then she doesn’t have any cards to play. If it all comes crumbling down that will be it.”

With Jai clued in, it could all very well come crumbling down, so could Megan – pregnant or not – use the ‘with child’ card to save herself if needs be?

“She wouldn’t want to” says Faye, “I don’t think she would ever intentionally use the life of a child to keep Jai, to stop Jai from doing something, to save herself but if needs must then she probably would sink that low.”

By the end of the week, whether her plan succeeds or fails, Megan will go head to head with Leyla in a showdown that has significant consequences. 

“It’s quite moving but obviously Megan’s too hurt in herself to be moved by Leyla” reveals Faye. “This results in two women who are both scorned, especially with new information that they’ve both found out about each other, ending up in quite a serious heated debate which ends in not very nice circumstances.”

Find out what those circumstances are when Emmerdale airs these scenes from August 10th-14th.

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