Angry Andy, evil Emma and a curious comeback? 5 things to expect from Emmerdale in 2015

Series boss Kate Oates and the show's stars tease testing times for the villagers after the helicopter disaster

We know at least one villager will lose their life in this week’s wedding day helicopter disaster but there’s an awfully exciting autumn ahead for Emmerdale in the aftermath of the drama.


From dark revelations to surprise returns, show boss Kate Oates and the cast have been dropping teasers ahead of Debbie and Pete’s big day.

So, what can we expect in the weeks and months that follow?

A Sugden showdown

Andy has no idea that brother Robert was to blame for his beloved Katy’s death back in February. The beloved Emmerdale staple said farewell when Robert shoved her to her death in an abandoned farm building, with only Paddy and Aaron aware of what really happened.

Oates hints that Andy will discover the truth in the autumn and says he most certainly won’t take it lying down.

“Watch this space for autumn because what happened to Katie is still largely a secret. When Katie died in February, the point of doing something of that level was that it would have great repercussions as time goes on”, she says.

“Andy is still yet to find out what happened to his beautiful wife, so Kelvin is likely to be busy!”

Evil Emma Barton

Mother of the groom Emma could become the mammy-in-law from hell in the aftermath of her son’s wedding day disaster.

Who wouldn’t get a little worked up after having a helicopter fall through the roof on their baby boy’s big day? Oh, and the bride sleeping with his brother might tick you off just a tad too…

“Emma is very dark but what I love about Gillian Kearney’s performance is that she can be very normal and then privately this little chip goes in her mind and she flips” says Oates.

“You can definitely expect to see more of Emma behaving very badly. Depending on who gets out of this unscathed, Emma might have a lot of resentment at what has happened to her family. Dangerous Emma is a dangerous thing, so watch this space!”

Prickly Pete

Barton brother Pete is bound to feel furious in the aftermath of his wedding reception. Not only has the perfect day been ruined by a falling helicopter and a scrapyard showdown, he’s also discovered that his brother’s been sleeping with his new wife – and so has everyone at the reception.

“It’ll be interesting to see the outcome. We can’t divulge too much, but there are a lot of shocks along the way and I think people are going to be completely taken aback over what’s to come over the whole week” says actor Anthony Quinlan.

“Pete’s always been very domesticated. He’s always been the good boy, so it’s great to be given the opportunity to show another side of him. When I read the scripts, it completely surpassed anything that I’d imagined. I had an inkling that it was going to get dark, but how dark it gets is beyond belief.”

#Robron still on?

We may see Robert begging his estranged wife to take him back this week but that doesn’t mean his affair with Aaron – which inspired its own Twitter hashtag – is necessarily over.

“I couldn’t be happier with the chemistry between Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller” said Oates. “We knew when we were bringing Robert back to the show that he’d be having this secret relationship with Aaron, but you can never really tell how it will go until you put two people in front of the camera and see what happens.”

“I think they’ve both played it brilliantly” she added. “I completely believe their relationship and when I saw the first kiss between them, I just thought that it couldn’t go any better.”

“I’m really happy with it, so the audience investing in it is definitely something that I listen to. I’m really glad that it’s gone that way. It’s taken me by surprise, really, the whole cult of ‘Robron’!”

Fresh or familiar faces?

With death on the cards in the village this week, surely we can expect new life in the village in the autumn? Oates has a few interesting things to say on the matter: “We may have a couple of new arrivals for you, but I am very happy with the cast at the moment.”

“I have said it before and I will say it again but I really, really think we have the best ensemble cast in soap. I really think we have a strong team and there isn’t a person in the show who I wouldn’t trust with a huge driving story. I am pretty content with the way things are at the moment but things will always grow with change.”

“We may have something planned for autumn that might be a catalyst for a character group that is on screen at the moment”, she teased when asked about possible returnees. “I don’t want to say too much but there may be another return planned.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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