Emmerdale: The village hall roof comes crashing down on Pete and Debbie’s wedding reception

Debris falls on the bride and groom as a helicopter plummets through the roof

Pete and Debbie’s world literally crumbles around them as the roof caves in on their wedding reception, making what should be the happiest day of their lives a living nightmare.


The pair, who are set to be rocked by the revelation of Debbie’s affair with Pete’s brother Ross, barely have time to think about what’s happening before a helicopter comes crashing through the roof of the village hall.

The aircraft comes hurtling toward the wedding party after a Chrissie sets Robert’s car alight in the scrapyard and the flames spread to a nearby gas canister. When it explodes the blast catches the passing helicopter, which Pete had actually hired to whisk himself and Debbie away.

Dan’s attempts to warn the party goers come too little too late, meaning they’re still trapped inside when the drama unfolds.

Who will live? And who will meet their summer fate?

Find out when Emmerdale airs these scenes from August 4th to 7th.


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