Emmerdale’s set for an explosive week as a helicopter crashes Pete and Debbie’s wedding reception

There's chaos in the village as two of the soap's biggest story lines collide - with tragic consequences

We were promised death, destruction and “one of the biggest weeks in soap history” for Pete and Debbie’s wedding day and Emmerdale hath delivered – in sensational style.


Viewers are in for quite the shock this week as Chrissie’s decision to take furious fiery revenge against Robert proves fatal for one of the villagers.

Remember those scrapyard gas canisters we mentioned? The one the flames of Chrissie’s fire were sneaking towards? Well, as it turns out, they don’t just pose a risk to Adam Barton, who just so happens to be sleeping in a nearby car…

Poor Pete’s only gone and booked a helicopter to give Debbie a big wedding day surprise and when the gas canisters explode it’s winging its way to the village hall.

You don’t have to be a genius to guess what happens next. (On a side note, how impressive does that explosion look? Bravo Emmerdale, Bravo.)

Airborne exploding gas canisters and helicopters, much like devious Dingles and bewildered Bartons, don’t marry well. And just as the truth about Debbie’s infidelity – aka the fact that she’s been sleeping with Pete’s brother Ross and was all set to run away with him – is about to be revealed, disaster strikes.

Chrissie and Robert’s horrified faces don’t even begin to cover it: only in Emmerdale could you set your cheating ex-husband’s car on fire and risk killing off half the village while you’re at it.

There’s just as much high drama down at the village hall as a desperate Dan spots the out-of-control aircraft hurtling towards the festivities and runs in to warn the wedding party.

Unfortunately, it’s a case of too little too late for the new Mr and Mrs Barton and their friends and family, including Cain, Andy and Victoria among others.

Speaking of Cain, you’d think he’d have managed to make more of an effort for his own daughter’s big day, eh? Suppose he didn’t want to ruin his Sunday best when ‘taking care of’ Ross for the bride…

Needless to say there’s no time for an emergency landing and the helicopter comes crashing through the roof.

With half the village gathered for the big celebration there are plenty of potential victims on offer, but who will meet their summer fate? 

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