Michael Parr says Emmerdale’s wedding disaster is ‘one of the biggest weeks in soap history’

The actor, who plays Ross Barton, says viewers had best start watching to keep up with all the action

Red weddings, purple weddings and white weddings – we’ve seen every variety on our TV screens over the past few years but Pete and Debbie’s Emmerdale nuptials will rival them all if Michael Parr is to be believed.


The actor, who plays Debbie’s spurned lover Ross, says viewers had best tune in to the ITV soap now so they can get a bit of background ahead of a week’s worth of serious drama from August 3rd to 7th.

“I’d say it’s probably the biggest week we’ve ever done” says Parr. “Usually a block takes two weeks to film but this one’s taken a month so it’s pretty huge.”

Emmerdale bosses have been teasing the soap’s big summer disaster for weeks now and Parr says fans won’t be disappointed.

“It’s been amazing. I’ve got to work with new people, we’ve been doing stunts, it’s been emotional, it’s been action packed and the dialogue’s been great” he reveals. “They should start watching now so they can get a little backstory but its going to be one of the biggest weeks in soap history, never mind just Emmerdale.”

And what will Ross be getting up to? Why, attempting to stop the wedding of course. We all know Debbie leaves him in the lurch when she discovers he’s actually Charity’s baby daddy.

She’s been left holding little Moses while her mum does time so she’s not best pleased to discover that the man she was about to run away with is his father and reverts to Plan B – marrying Ross’ brother Pete Barton.

“He’s out to stop the wedding because he thinks he’s the better option for her, even though he’s done all these terrible things” says Parr. “She’s said that she doesn’t want anything to do with Ross, and she’s going to go ahead with the wedding but I don’t think Ross is going to be up for that.”

When Debbie realises Ross will stop at nothing to spoil her Happily Ever After she ends up asking dad Cain for help. And we all know what “get rid of him” means to daddy Dingle now, don’t we?

We already know Debbie’s big day ends in disaster, but will Ross be the one to blame?

Or will summer fate intervene?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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