Could Debbie and Pete’s first dance be their last? Emmerdale’s Anthony Quinlan weighs in

The actor - who plays groom Pete Barton – drops a tantalising teaser about the soap's disastrous big day and says the storyline is the biggest he's ever been involved in

Poor Pete Barton’s wedding day has probably been doomed since the day his bride-to-be clapped eyes on his brother, Ross, but the groom has no idea just how unholy matrimony can be until disaster strikes in Emmerdale next week.


Y’see Pete’s only gone and arranged the wedding of the century – completely with a convenient funfair – to celebrate tying the knot with Debbie Dingle but could it all be over before he can even have a dance with his new wife?

“Pete and Debbie are due to go up for the first dance, which is probably the last dance as well” Anthony Quinlan, who plays the Barton groom, says.

“Pete’s quite nervous about getting on the dance floor, Debbie reassures him, Cain had a cheeky little jib saying listen, keep your hands to yourself and all that, everyone’s in a good mood, it’s been a good day and it’s all gone swimmingly so far.”

But no soap wedding reception can go ‘swimmingly’ and it’s not long before disaster strikes at Emmerdale’s village hall. “They get up to go for the first dance and there’s a recording played”, Quinlan reveals. But what on earth could it possibly be?

And will the couple even have time to think about it before their perfect day becomes a perfect nightmare as Emmerdale’s big summer stunt unfolds?

Speaking of the stunt, Quinlan says it was a privilege to be involved in: “It’s massive, it’s absolutely massive, and it was really intense.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to see a rough edit. It’s definitely been the biggest stunt I’ve ever been involved in and probably the biggest storyline I’ve ever been involved in in terms of any acting job before.”

But despite the excitement, when it comes to the villagers’ summer fate, he’s keeping his cards close to his chest: “I don’t think anybody’s safe”.

And at Emmerdale, the home of high melodrama, we certainly know that’s a statement that always rings true.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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