Emmerdale: Paddy is shot by Robert – will he die from his injuries?

The village vet is caught in the crossfire in shock scenes be screened next week

An increasingly unbalanced Robert Sugden may have recently given Paddy Kirk the shock of his life by almost burying him alive in a grain pit. But it seems that Robert may well finish the job next week when he shoots the village vet during a violent showdown.


An upcoming episode will see Robert take Aaron Livesy captive in shock scenes. Aaron has managed to coerce a confession from Robert about his recent attempt on Paddy’s life using the grain auger as well as the confrontation that led to Katie’s demise. You can read more from Danny Miller about all that here, but suffice it to say that when Robert finds out that Aaron has recorded their conversation, he attacks his lover and abandons him to his fate.

By Thursday 23 July, a worried Paddy is asking Robert about the missing Aaron’s whereabouts, but only gets a smirk in response. Meanwhile, Aaron is lying tied to a radiator in a woodland lodge, where he attempts to weaken the cord around his wrists. When Robert returns, he’s brought food and water with him…but also a gun.

Robert points the firearm and – beginning to shake – slowly pulls the trigger. But little does he realise that Paddy has discovered their location and is in hot pursuit. But just as the gun goes off, the door slams open and Paddy slumps to the floor! Just how bad will Paddy’s injuries be after getting caught in the crossfire?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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