Emmerdale spoilers: Robert to try and kill Chas during tense showdown

"He's at a really desperate point," says Ryan Hawley, of an upcoming storyline that sees Chas threaten to reveal all about Robert's affair with Aaron

Robert Sugden looks set to go to desperate lengths to keep his affair with Aaron Livesy a secret in tense scenes to be shown next week.


Troubled Robert – who is already responsible for the death of Katie Sugden – will be seen brandishing a rock behind an unsuspecting Chas when she threatens to tell Chrissie about what’s been going on.

“He’s at a really desperate point because Chas isn’t going to back down,” says Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert. “We saw with Katie the lengths he can go to. So it’ll be really interesting to see what happens when he picks up that rock. Is he planning to kill her?”

While Emmerdale bosses are remaining tight-lipped about the result of Robert’s actions, Chas will unknowingly survive – at least, on that occasion. But the Woolpack landlady isn’t out of the woods yet. By Thursday, Robert will be seen making a phone call to a very shady contact, explaining that he needs to get rid of someone, permanently.

“Robert has spent nine years away from Emmerdale and we don’t really know what this guy has done while he’s been gone. There is this really grey area about Robert,” adds Hawley. “He could be someone who’s really quite sinister and dark.”

But is he an out-and-out psychopath? “Well, it’s an ambiguous situation, isn’t it? Robert is quite morally elastic and he’ll see what he’s done as wrong, but he’ll find a way of justifying it. But I think it’d be less interesting if he was just going around killing people. There’d end up being fewer dimensions to the character. But with Robert being the way he is, you’re always trying to guess what he’s going to do next.”

What does happen next though is that Robert does experience a flash of conscience when Chas tells him that she will keep his secret, if only for Aaron’s sake. Robert then makes a hasty phone call to retract his instructions, but despairs as he cannot get in touch with his contact.

Meanwhile, the man staking out Chas is poised and ready to strike. When Chas hears a car alarm going off, she heads outside to see what has caused, unwittingly walking into a trap. Is Chas’s time up?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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