Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron “batters” Robert as he unleashes his fury, reveals Danny Miller

"Aaron needs to take his stress out on somebody and Robert is the perfect candidate because of what he's put him through"

Troubled Aaron Livesy is to lose his temper with Robert Sugden next week and give him a brutal beating. “Aaron needs to take his stress out on somebody and Robert is the perfect candidate because of what he’s put him through,” says actor Danny Miller. “And every dog barks and bites when they’re backed into a corner.”


Aaron has been seen recently struggling with his guilt following the death of Katie, with secret lover Robert asking him to keep quiet about the fact that it was he who orchestrated her demise. But Robert will grow increasingly concerned about Aaron’s state of mind when he sees him pushing himself too far with his current extreme running regime.

“As we’ve seen in the past, Aaron doesn’t deal with guilt very well. He often ends up hurting and punishing himself. But next week, there’s a scene where Robert sees Aaron throwing up because he’s pushed himself too far,” reveals Miller. “There’s a certain amount of care for Aaron on Robert’s part. And Robert tells him to take the anger out on him rather than himself. Aaron decides to take him up on the offer and batters him.”

Viewers may feel that what happens is the meting out of justice after the ordeal that Aaron has endured. But Miller is quick to point out that the story is set to take further twists in the near future. “Most people would think that this is the end of it, but it’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more to come.” 

So is Robert set to remain part of Aaron’s life? “If this was me, I’d be saying ‘walk away’. But Aaron can’t. He’s in love with Robert and he hasn’t had that connection with somebody since Jackson. In an odd way, I think this may well rekindle their relationship, but it could also break it. We’ll have to see.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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