Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron attacks Robert, Chrissie apologises to Alicia, while Pearl confesses all

Plus Adam proposes to Victoria, while Jimmy and Nicola may have reached the end of the road

Aaron’s behaviour continues to be a cause for concern when Robert sees him being sick from pushing himself too hard. And by Thursday, Aaron is seeing red and lay into Robert. When Victoria then sees Aaron washing his bloody knuckles, will she realise what’s been going on?


Pearl finally comes clean about her fraud, but will the betrayal be too much for Paddy? Despite her efforts to make amends, Pearl decides that she wants to leave the village. But can her colleagues and friends stop her before it’s too late?

Chrissie apologises to Alicia for Lachlan’s behaviour and assures her that David’s kidnapping is also in the past. But will Lawrence be as willing to drop the issue? Nicola, Jimmy and Angel head to the airport – but which of them will actually end up leaving for Dubai. And Carly has problems when her former fiancé shows up demanding money.

We also have Ross left reeling when he learns that Carly is Donna’s sisters, while Doug confides in Diane over Laurel’s alcoholism. And Adam proposes to Victoria – but is marriage really what she wants?

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