Emmerdale spoilers: Andy to be left “mortified” for the way he’s treated Tracy, says Kelvin Fletcher

A reminder of Katie causes Andy to break down in scenes to be shown next week

A reminder of the past will hit Andy Sugden hard next week and prompt Tracy to ditch him.


Andy – who is still reeling from the death of wife Katie – recently took up with Tracy, to the amazement of his nearest and dearest. But a visit to the local school to see daughter Sarah in a play will go awry after Andy spots an old photo of him and Katie on the wall.

When Andy breaks down, Tracy decides enough is enough and ends things with the mentally fragile farmer. “That’s the moment when he realises that the way he’s behaving has not been appropriate,” says actor Kelvin Fletcher. “He’s not proud of himself for the way he’s treated Tracy and he opens up to Bernice and tells her how he’s feeling.”

Is this the moment then when Andy finally recognises his grief and makes an attempt to face the future? “Yes, it’s almost like he’s had a flashback and he can’t believe the person that he’s been. He’s mortified and tries to put things right, so he goes to see Tracy and tells her how sorry he is for using her for his own needs.”

By Wednesday, Andy is also apologising to Debbie, while Diane is telling him to move into the pub for a while. So is Andy now getting the support he needs? “Well, he makes a promise to Diane that he’s on the long road to recovery. He’s on the right path. And he sees the kids and they make him realise that there is something to live for too.”

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