Emmerdale spoilers: troubled Emma Barton “is going to Crazy Town”, says show boss

Series producer Kate Oates promises further bombshells where Gillian Kearney's character is concerned

Emmerdale fans can expect fresh darkness from the troubled Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney) as part of an upcoming storyline.


When asked whether the Barton boys’ mum could end up being the soap’s next big psychopath, series producer Kate Oates replied: “She’s definitely got the makings of it. And she is going to Crazy Town!”

Since her arrival in January, Emma has exhibited some worrying personality traits, most notably when she left estranged husband James trapped under farming machinery and when it was revealed that she’d tried to smother son Ross when he was a baby. Having been separated from her kids for most of their lives, Emma is trying to re-establish good relations, but it seems that the plot is set to take some dark twists.

“Gillian Kearney is a brilliant actress and she tries to imbue the character of Emma with sanity and normalcy. And you do sort of see Emma’s point sometimes,” Oates continued. “Because she’s such a thoughtful actress she’s never going to just go in and be a soap psycho bitch and camp it up. She always brings it down to as normal as it can get. But yes, she’s going to Crazy Town and we’re all going too.”


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