Emmerdale spoilers: Robert Sugden may kill again, reveals series producer Kate Oates

"It's a slippery slope when it comes to soap deaths. Once you've done one, you might as well do some more!"

Emmerdale boss Kate Oates has hinted that Robert Sugden could end up with fresh blood on his hands as he bids to keep his affair with Aaron Livesy hushed up.


“Robert has already gone to extreme lengths to protect this secret,” said the series producer, referencing the fact that Robert recently brought about Katie’s demise after she discovered the truth about his clandestine trysts. “And now both Paddy and Chas know about the secret. That puts Robert in a dangerous situation, but it also possibly puts those closest to Aaron in a slightly dangerous situation too. Because we all know that it’s a slippery slope when it comes to soap deaths. Once you’ve done one, you might as well do some more!”

As viewers have recently seen, Aaron told mum Chas about his affair with Robert when she began to suspect that Katie’s death might not have been an accident. Chas and Paddy then told Robert to keep his distance, but the bigger cover-up regarding the circumstances surrounding Katie’s shock demise have yet to be exposed. As for whether Aaron has inadvertently endangered those around him, Oates commented:

“Aaron might have inadvertently put people in the firing line. But that will be a longer arc. Aaron has really fallen for Robert, but he is absolutely struggling with his guilt. What happened with Katie is obviously something that Aaron will carry deep in his heart. And we know he doesn’t cope well with guilt.

“What will be interesting will be seeing how long Aaron can cope with being Robert’s bit on the side. We saw before Katie died that it was rapidly not becoming enough for him. So that will have to get to a pressure point sometime soon.”

Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about how Robert will manipulate Aaron’s feelings to suit his own ends, actor Danny Miller said: ‘Robert will do anything he can to deflect the blame, but he doesn’t realise what all this is doing to Aaron’s mental state.

“Aaron doesn’t deal with guilt with very well. And we know that he often ends up hurting himself at times like this. So for Robert to do this is very cruel.”


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