Emmerdale spoilers: Andy plans to kill himself on the day of Katie’s funeral, says Kelvin Fletcher

"He wants to commit suicide and end his pain. It's tragic"

Andy Sugden’s life is to be left hanging in the balance when he makes plans to kill himself in the wake of wife Katie’s (Sammy Winward) shock death.


“Andy and Katie were a partnership and he feels redundant now that’s been broken. He has nothing to live for,” says actor Kelvin Fletcher. “In his mind, he’ll go to the funeral because it’ll be the last chance to say goodbye. In his eyes, he’ll be joining her that day. He wants to commit suicide and end his pain. It’s tragic.”

Scenes to be shown next week will see Andy write suicide notes for his nearest and dearest before grabbing a bottle of whisky and heading out. 

“In Robert’s letter, Andy does tell him the place where he’s going to take his own life. He doesn’t want anyone else to know – just Robert. It’s somewhere they used to go as kids. And then Andy gets in the Land Rover and drives off,” he adds.

Andy is spotted screeching out of the Woolpack car park by Aaron and Robert, but soon finds himself at the local steep quarry parked dangerously near to the precipice. “These were draining scenes to film,” admits Fletcher. “But they’re everything I hoped and anticipated they would be from first learning about Sammy’s departure. Hopefully I’ve done a good job with what is a tough subject.”


But with Aaron and Robert racing to the scene to stop Andy from doing something drastic, is help at hand? Or is Andy about to be driven over the edge? Find out when Emmerdale airs these scenes on Thursday 19 February.