Emmerdale spoilers: next week’s episodes in 60 seconds

9-13 February: Belle is a woman on the edge, while Emma doesn't react well to James's divorce plans

Some plotlines are being kept under wraps at the time of writing, but the village is very much in shock, while one resident’s betrayal has forever changed the life of another.


In the aftermath, Belle gets close to the edge after she stops taking her medication. Can the rest of the Dingles get to her in time? And will Lisa get the help she needs when she suffers an angina attack as a result of all the stress?

David and Alicia are thrown when Chrissie asks if they would like to expand their business. Alicia’s thrilled and on board but is David? Marlon counts the days left of February, confident he and Laurel will win their no drinking bet with Paddy – but will he be left disappointed?

Ad in the Woolpack, Emma doesn’t take James’s request for a divorce too well. Angrily in the toilets, she rips the paper towel dispenser off the wall, pleased by the damage Chas will now have to face but as Emma arrives back at the table we see a different attitude…


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below: