Emmerdale spoilers: Belle in peril after suffering new health relapse – first look pictures

Will the Dingles get to her before she takes a fatal fall?

The Dingles are to face a race against the clock to stop Belle from injuring herself after the troubled teen is plagued by fresh problems with her mental health.


Scenes to be shown in the coming weeks will see Belle (Eden Taylor-Deaper) receive distressing news, the details of which are being kept under wraps by show bosses. But in the aftermath of the trauma, Belle decides to stop taking her medication, the result of which being that she starts to once again hear the ‘voice’ of her late friend Gemma Andrews.

Scenes to be shown on Thursday 12 February, see Zak and Lisa worrying when they discover Belle hasn’t been home that night and hasn’t got her phone or medication with her. As a search party gathers in the Woolpack, young Samson finds her. But Belle is angry and warns him to stay away and keep his mouth shut or she’ll hurt him. Explaining she always ends up killing someone. Samson runs away, terrified.

In the end though, the Dingles eventually track Belle down to a derelict Wylie’s Farm, but will their efforts be in vain? Belle is dangerously close to the edge (quite literally!) and panicked by the amount of people watching her. Lisa has an angina attack whilst waiting for the emergency services. Meanwhile, Harriet using her old police training, tries to talk Belle away from the edge while Cain sneaks quietly up the stairs.


But as sirens are heard in the distance, Belle loses her footing…