Emmerdale spoilers: Katie to catch Robert and Aaron together, reveals Sammy Winward

"What happens will change the lives of a lot of the characters. It's going to take some very different twists and turns"

Katie Sugden is to finally get the evidence she needs that Robert Sugden is a love cheat. But what will be the cost of her discovery?


Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see a disgruntled Aaron set a honey trap for Robert when he tells Katie that he can provide the proof she seeks. In scenes to be shown on Thursday 5 February, Katie – who has been made something of a pariah thanks to her single-mindedness to expose Robert’s infidelity – will receive a text from Aaron that reads “Wylie’s Farm, now”.

And when she arrives at the location, the sight that greets Katie leaves little doubt as to what Robert has been getting up to.

“After getting the message, Katie heads straight to the farm. But when she walks in, she finds Robert with the last person she expected,” says actress Sammy Winward. “Robert and Aaron are standing there in a clinch together. Katie gets her phone out and takes a picture of them. And it’s the sound of the camera clicking that makes Robert realise that she’s standing there…”

Show bosses are remaining tight lipped as to what happens next, but the storyline does mark the end of Winward’s time on the ITV soap after nearly 14 years playing the role of Katie.

“What’s good about the plot is that we’ve been able to revisit the love triangle between Robert, Katie and Andy and see it come to a head,” says the actress. “Throughout all of this, Katie has had her blinkers on – she can’t see how much all of this has been affecting Andy and their marriage. And now, what happens will change the lives of a lot of the characters. It’s going to take some very different twists and turns.”

And how will leaving Emmerdale affect Winward herself? “I’m going to miss everyone terribly. I’ve loved every second of playing Katie but no one becomes an actor to play just one role, so now it’s time for me to move on. I don’t want to give away anything about how Katie goes but it’s certainly going to be dramatic.”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below: