Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy is forced to say goodbye to baby Carl – watch the scene

How will Nicola react when she sees how besotted Jimmy is with his son?

Jimmy King (Nick Miles) is to be given the chance to say goodbye to baby Carl next week, but Nicola will be left saddened after seeing how besotted her husband is with his son.


The experience will lead to Nicola having a change of heart and telling Jimmy that she now wants to have another baby. But how will Jimmy take the news?

“Nicola decides that having another family member would be a good thing. They’re both still young enough to have another child. So she asks Jimmy to have a vasectomy reversal!” reveals actress Nicola Wheeler.


You can watch a scene from Monday’s episode below. And beneath that, watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama in Emmerdale: