Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola tells Jimmy, “I want another baby”

Actress Nicola Wheeler reveals what happens when Jimmy is asked to have a vasectomy reversal

Nicola King is to shock husband Jimmy next week when she reveals that she wants to have another baby. Her change of heart comes amidst the heartache that the pair are currently facing with baby Carl, over whom Jimmy has no legal right. But how will Jimmy react to the bombshell? And will he go through with a vasectomy reversal in order to have another child? Actress Nicola Wheeler tells us more:


So, what are Nicola’s feelings about Jimmy and Carl – have they changed recently?
Well, Carl stays over for the night, the prospect of which infuriates Nicola. But once he’s stayed, she tries to convince herself that she’s not happy about it. But she actually does enjoy spending time with a baby again. So, she resolves to say to Jimmy that they should have more of Carl in their lives. But she later discovers that Juliette’s fella is back on the scene – and that he doesn’t want Jimmy to have any more involvement with Carl.

Tell us what happens when Rakesh gives Jimmy some legal advice?
Rakesh tells Jimmy that there’s very little hope and that it can be very costly. Jimmy had signed the papers saying that they’d go for anonymity and Nicola had posted them. So Juliette would be well within her rights to say that she wants anonymity. That is what she wanted originally.

Now, Nicola does feel short-changed on Jimmy’s behalf, doesn’t she?
Nicola realises that all this is unfair and that Jimmy was able to be a part of Carl’s life while suited Juliette. So yes, she makes a split-second decision that she later completely regrets. It’s one of those moments where life is headed in one direction and she needs to change it. The situation is headed towards a stalemate, so she does something rash…

Do you like playing that impulsive side to her character?
It’s fun, isn’t it? But in this case, Nicola can’t justify what she’s done. She realises that she’s made a massive error and that she wasn’t thinking rationally. She does it for Jimmy, but realises that she’s actually made things worse.

Has having this baby around made her change her mind about having another baby of her own?
Yes, she decides that having another family member would be a good thing. They’re both still young enough to have another child. So she asks Jimmy to have a vasectomy reversal!

Has she thought it through properly?
Well, she knows that it will be painful! But Jimmy has no sperm left, so the only way they’d be able to conceive was if Jimmy was to have a reversal. That’s their only option. Nothing ever goes smoothly with the Kings, does it?

Do you enjoy the fact that Jimmy and Nicola are such comedy characters?
I love working with Nick Miles [Jimmy]. The challenge is to make sure that it’s not too farcical. What I like about Jimmy and Nicola is that they can be serious and humane too – it’s not all slapstick and capers.


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below: