Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel to be banned from driving, reveals Charlotte Bellamy

The pressure grows for Laurel next week when she's busted for being over the alcohol limit

They may be newly married, but it doesn’t seem that Laurel and Marlon are experiencing much in the way of wedded bliss. Marlon’s attention is on daughter April rather than his new wife and doesn’t seem to realise that Laurel is struggling.


But there’s unexpected drama next week when Laurel is busted by PC Swirling for being over the limit while driving her car. And then comes bonfire night, when young Arthur gets his hands on some fireworks.

Here, actress Charlotte Bellamy – who plays Laurel – reveals all about the stresses of her character’s marriage. And why there’ll be further upsets in the future…

At this point, how would you say Laurel and Marlon’s marriage is?
Troubled and under strain. But they’re just denying it, really. They’re thinking, ‘we just got married, so how can we possibly be unhappy?’ But, of course, the baggage that they both have produces stresses and strains.

Does Marlon have any idea how Laurel is feeling? He is very focused on April…
Laurel is trying to be sympathetic towards April because she’s lost her mum. But, at the same time, Laurel feels that they need professional need. And Marlon doesn’t feel that this is necessary. But he is putting April first. Above Laurel – above everything, really.

Has Marlon made any attempt to reach out to Laurel?
No, it’s very focused on April. Coming up, you’ll see that he does try, but he’s always distracted. And while Laurel admits that they busy, she feels that he has to make time.

And how worried is Laurel about April?
Of course, she’s a mother and she loves April like one of her own. But Marlon isn’t really letting her in.

When do you think it all started going wrong for Marlon and Laurel?
Well, on the night of their wedding, he fell asleep on the sofa with April. And on the honeymoon, April was coming into their bed every night. It may seem all cosy and sweet, but it isn’t really doing any good for April. And it’s certainly not doing Marlon and Laurel’s marriage any good.

So, tell us what happens with the drink-driving incident?
She meets Nicola for a drink at lunchtime. You see Laurel drinking a glass of wine. The phone rings and it’s the school saying that April has fallen asleep again in lessons. They can’t get hold of Marlon, so Laurel has no choice but to get in the car to go and pick her up. But what you realise is that she’s had a glass of wine while waiting for her food. And when she gets stopped by the police, she’s over the limit. Which you can be with one glass of wine, if you haven’t eaten. I think it’ll be quite a shock wake-up call for the audience.

Does she tell Marlon when she gets home that evening?
She does – and his only priority and concern is that April was in the car at the time. So he’s not concerned about the misfortune of her being stopped by the police. He’s only worried about Laurel putting April in a vulnerable position?

So what happens at the Bonfire party?
Well, Marlon and Laurel are arguing the whole time. And as they’re arguing, they take their eye off the ball and Arthur nearly ends up lighting a firework. Marlon and Laurel realise that, as a result of them not really being themselves at the moment, something dangerous might have happened.

How does she feel when she gets charged with drink driving?
Laurel’s mortified – she says to PC Swirling that he knows she wouldn’t do this, but he has a job to do. The pressure is then on because she can’t drive the kids around and it’s all on Marlon and Doug.

What advice would you give Laurel at this time?
I would be worried for her. The pressures of keeping it all together is getting on top of both Laurel and Marlon. I’m hoping they can work it out, but I have a feeling that there’ll be more hiccups along the way. It would be boring if we lived happily ever after.


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes below: