Emmerdale spoilers: Fiona Wade on Priya and Rakesh – “It’s not an arranged marriage story”

"It's more about a love that grows between two people," says the actress, who plays tonight's bride to be

Actress Fiona Wade has been talking to RadioTimes.com about Priya Sharma’s upcoming wedding to Rakesh Kotecha.


“The producers really did their research well. It’s not an arranged marriage story, as such. It’s a modern take on it. It’s more about a love that grows between two people,” says the actress. “I would like Priya and Rakesh to stay together. Rakesh is right for Priya in many ways – plus there are a lot of layers to his character, so it would never be dull or boring.”

Scenes to be shown in this evening’s episode will see Priya threatening to call off the wedding following Rakesh’s admission that he loves his bride to be. Fretting that she doesn’t love him back, Priya locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out, jeopardising her and Rakesh’s big day in the process.

“It’s very well written,” says Wade’s co-star Pasha Bocarie, who plays Rakesh. “The only thing that’s arranged about this couple is their introduction. Everything else is as regular as anyone else’s relationship.”


As to whether there are skeletons in Rakesh’s cupboard, the actor is remaining tight-lipped: “It’s inevitable that there  will be secrets. We all have secrets, don’t we? What’s interesting is that he’s someone who wields power and is quite Machievellian.”