Emmerdale spoilers: Charity to fight back against Declan following attack – first look pictures

The Maceys look set for a tense showdown in Thursday's double bill of the ITV soap

You can’t keep Charity Macey down for long! Viewers may have witnessed homicidal husband Declan (Jason Merrells) knock her to the floor at the climax to tonight’s episode, but Charity (Emma Atkins) will soon be fighting back.


Tomorrow’s double bill will find Declan bundling his wife into the boot of their car as he bids to do away with her, only for Charity to suddenly lash out and aim a kick in his direction.

All this week, Emmerdale fans have seen Declan planning Charity’s demise after learning that she had a secret abortion. But the battle between the Maceys isn’t over yet, despite actress Emma Atkins saying that her character deserves to get her comeuppance:

“She will reap what she sows,” the star told RadioTimes.com. “I do believe that she’s gone on for quite some time acting smugly and without anyone putting a stop to what she’s doing. And, obviously, now that Declan has realised that she’s been lying, it’s the starting point of no return. She finally gets her just desserts.”


Find out what happens when Emmerdale airs these scenes at 7pm and 8pm tomorrow on ITV.