Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy’s baby secret to threaten his marriage, reveals Nicola Wheeler

"Nicola's worry is, 'how many more women are going to be turning up with a child of Jimmy’s?'"

Jimmy and Nicola are to get a shock next week when a woman called Juliette turns up at their door claiming to be pregnant with Jimmy’s child! So has Jimmy been playing away from home? And wasn’t he supposed to have had a vesectomy a few years ago? Actress Nicola Wheeler reveals all about this surprise turn of events…


So Jimmy’s got another woman pregnant – what’s been going on?
As far as Nicola’s aware, Jimmy had a vasectomy two years ago because the two of them didn’t want any more children. But unbeknown to Nicola, Jimmy decided to deposit some sperm for his own personal use, just in case. But since then, he’s forgotten about it. There’s then a mix-up at the clinic where this woman called Juliette has gone in need of a donation and Jimmy’s sperm has been given.

How has this Juliette found out that Jimmy is the sperm donor?
We need to suspend our disbelief here a little bit – she’s approached the clinic and asked for details of the sperm donor. One receptionist does give her Jimmy’s details and she arrives at his door practically nine months pregnant.

And what’s Nicola’s reaction?
Initially, she assumes he’s had an affair because she doesn’t know about the sperm donation. Then when she finds out about him going to a  clinic, she feels very angry and betrayed. He hasn’t told her about this – and as far as she was concerned, it was a joint decision that they weren’t going to have any more kids.

Jimmy bumbles his way through it and tries to explain that in the event of Nicola’s death or a break-up, he might want a child. But none of this appeases Nicola and then she starts to worry about more of Jimmy’s kids suddenly turning up.

So what does Juliette want?
Nicola assumes she wants to get money out of Jimmy But Nicola wants Jimmy to sign some papers so that he remains anonymous. She doesn’t want him to have any influence on the child. But Nicola starts to worry about Jimmy wanting to get to know the child once the baby is born. By complete coincidence, Juliette wants to call the baby Carl, not knowing that this was the name of Jimmy’s brother. So that’s more salt in Nicola’s wound.

So is all this a threat to Jimmy and Nicola’s relationship?
Yes, absolutely. It’s the trust factor. She managed to get over the Elliot scenario and the fact that Jimmy had a child that he didn’t know about. And just at the point that Nicola was willing to accept Elliot, Kelly took him away. So having gone through all that, she’s finding that it’s all happening again.


That’s Nicola’s worry – how many more women are going to be turning up with a child of Jimmy’s? And also, it’s the fear that Jimmy does want more children and that – for the sake of a quiet life – he agreed to go through with the vasectomy. Nicola wouldn’t want to think that she’d bullied him into that decision. She doesn’t trust him anymore.