Emmerdale spoilers: is Declan poisoning Charity? Did anyone see that cliffhanger coming!?

"This is a really big week of storylines for Emmerdale and with Declan and Charity heading off to a remote cottage, what could possibly go wrong?" a show insider tells RadioTimes.com

Just what does Declan have planned for his wife Charity? It’s the question all Emmerdale viewers were left wanting answers to tonight after Jason Merrells’s character was seen retrieving a bottle of pesticide, wrapping it up and disposing of it in a bin.


The shock cliffhanger came after Charity’s son Noah was hospitalised after drinking from a bottle of poisoned wine that the police suspect was meant for his mum. The trouble is that the investigating officers currently believe Declan’s sister Megan to be guilty of the crime and have just confined her to another night in jail!

From the look on Megan’s face, it seems that she too has come to a terrifying realisation about what’s been going on at Home Farm – but all that talk about wanting to kill Charity hasn’t been doing her any favours. And slapping the detective across the chops won’t exactly help her case either…

Decan has, of course, been caught in the middle of an escalating war between the two women in his lives: sister Megan is desperate to prove that Charity terminated her brother’s baby, while Charity has been arguing that it was daughter Debbie who had the abortion and not her. Now, it seems that events are set to come to a head during an explosive week in the Dales as Declan takes a stressed-out Charity away for a break:

Speaking tonight to RadioTimes.com, an Emmerdale insider said: “Megan is still in the police cell for poisoning Noah, but Charity is convinced the poison was for her. Meanwhile, tonight we saw Declan behaving very furtively before packing up for their trip away. This is a really big week of storylines for Emmerdale and with Declan and Charity heading off to a remote cottage, what could possibly go wrong?”

Talking to RadioTimes.com recently at the TV Choice awards, actor Jason Merrells – who plays Declan – admitted that the outlook looked bleak for the Maceys’ marriage: 

“It can only end badly, which is a shame because they’re really quite similar. When Emma Atkins and I started this journey together, we said that it was a Macbeth story. They’re a tragic, passionate couple that go wrong. In other circumstances, maybe if they’d met 20 years earlier, then things would have been different.”

Of what viewers can expect to see over the autumm, he added: “You can expect drama, a lot of surprises and some payback.”

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You can see a clip from Wednesday’s episode – in which Declan suggests that he and Charity go on a boat trip – below: