Emmerdale spoilers: Declan tries to kill Charity – Jason Merrells interview

He’s put a plan in place to get rid of her. And for him, that’s the only logical thing he can do," says the actor

Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) is to make plans to kill Charity (Emma Atkins) after isolating her at their holiday cottage.


Yesterday’s episode of the ITV soap saw Declan revealed as the person responsible for trying to poison his own wife. But the troubled businessman will up the ante in tonight’s episode after the two of them go on a break to a rural retreat.

Declan will be seen removing the spark plugs on their car so that there’s no chance of escape, before smashing Charity’s mobile phone to pieces. And then there’s a boat trip that Declan is menacingly planning for the wife he now wants dead. So, just what does he have in store?

“There is vengeance coming,” assures Jason Merrells. “What we’ve shot is like a very dark thriller. The setting has been perfect as well – you’ve got all these tall spooky pine trees in the middle of nowhere. And as far as Declan is concerned, I hope the viewers will now be reexamining everything they know about the character. Declan has had to have planned all this carefully.”

During the past few weeks, viewers have seen Charity trying to convince Declan that she didn’t have a secret abortion. In the face of seemingly overwhelming evidence unearthed by Megan, it seemed that Charity’s cover story of a miscarriage had been blown out of the water.

But Declan appeared to side with Charity over his sister – even going to the extent of booking a surprise holiday for him and his stressed-out wife. But it’s here that Declan puts his murderous plan into action as he prepares to strike. But what is it that has driven him to homicide?

“The beauty of this story is that you can follow the steps to how Declan gets to this extreme behaviour. For Declan, his whole future rests on Charity having told the truth. If he finds out she’s lying, then his whole world falls apart.

“But the weight of evidence finally tips him over. We didn’t want the audience to see exactly when that happened to him, so it’s not clear then he finally realised that she lied. That happened off screen. But now that he’s realised, he’s put a plan in place to get rid of her. And for him, that’s the only logical thing he can do.”

And despite Declan now turning to homicide as a way of solving his problems, Merrells does still believe that his character has redeeming features: “I think Declan’s got a lot of love in him. He’s got massive potential as a father, but that’s been thwarted. He had the ability to redeem himself, but events have now pushed him in the other direction.

“And this storyline has been very interesting to play – it really clicked for me when the storyliners revisited the relationship between Declan and Charity. Nothing had made sense in he way this did. For me, my highlight so far of being on the show has been the fire at Home Farm back at Christmas all the way through to this week’s drama. It’s been tough, brilliant and very rewarding. Almost like doing a movie, in fact.”


You can see a clip from this Wednesday’s Emmerdale below, as an increasingly sinister Declan plans a boat trip for Charity…