Emmerdale spoilers: Adam to go after dad James with a gun, reveals Adam Thomas

The young farmer gets desperate next week after discovering the truth about his paternity

Barton family secrets are set to come spilling out in next week’s episodes of Emmerdale when Adam (Adam Thomas) finally finds out that James (Bill Ward) is actually his dad. An old video tape proves to be more revelatory than initially thought and leads to a huge showdown that will change life at Butler’s Farm forever. Actor Adam Thomas reveals more…


Tell us about this old video tape that gets played at FInn’s birthday party…
Well, we’re all having a good time at the party and then Finn decides to bring out some old videos. God knows where we get the VCR from! And at first everything’s all happy and fun. But then we hear James and his wife Emma arguing on the tape and she’s shouting something about him having slept with Moira. James quickly turns the TV off and tries to cover it up but it’s too late. Moira then tells them the truth and admits that she and James once had a one-night stand.

And what’s everyone’s reaction?
All hell breaks loose. The news doesn’t go down well with Adam or any of the Barton lads. Adam can’t believe that the whole family set-up has been a lie. He’s absolutely livid.

And how does Adam discover that James is, in fact, his dad?
Half an hour after everyone’s seen the video, Moira decides to tell the whole truth to Cain, who then puts Moira on the spot. Moira then has to reveal to Adam that James is his dad. 

How does Adam react?
With utter disbelief. He’s shocked, angry and upset. He doesn’t know where his head’s at and he ends up taking his anger out on James.

What does Cain end up doing?
Well, Cain’s not happy, especially when he finds out that James and Moira slept together. He didn’t know about that. Moira has lied to everyone and there’s a massive feeling of betrayal. It’s a huge mess.

Adam sees red and, later in the week, he gets his hands on a gun – what is he intending to do?
Yes, he gets a gun from Sam Dingle and pretends that it’s for Zak. He doesn’t feel that he can take his anger out on his mum, but he thinks the next best person is James. In Adam’s eyes, it’s all James’s fault. So he goes to get this shotgun and begins to stalk James. He wants to teach him a lesson.

Do you think Adam can get over this news or will we now see a new side to him?
More than anything, this is a trust issue with Adam. He feels like his mum has lied to him his whole life. His dad isn’t his dad, he now has half sisters instead of sisters and he’s got three new brothers. He doesn’t know how to handle it, really.

Could he go completely off the rails?
Yes. Adam’s definitely got a dark side and if anyone or anything threatens his family, then he’ll use any means to sort it out.


How has it been filming these scenes?
It’s always good to get your teeth into storylines like this. All the lads are brilliant to work with and Natalie J Robb’s amazing. It’s a pleasure to work with such great actors. You’re always buzzing when you get a storyline. I don’t get many! So it’s nice to have one. But I do find it hard to play the bad guy because I’m usually having such a laugh on set. I’ve had to rein it in a bit to get into the mood.