Emmerdale spoilers: Dom comes to Belle’s defence at her trial – Wil Johnson interview

But will his change of heart save the young Dingle from a prison sentence?

Grieving Dom Andrews is to shock the jury at Belle Dingle’s murder trial next week when he publicly forgives her for the death of his daughter Gemma. But what is the reason for his sudden change of heart?


“Dom has been watching a video of Gemma and Belle together. It’s then that he sees that these were two young girls who were best friends and that they were completely in love with each other as friends,” says actor Wil Johnson. “What happened was a tragic accident, but up until that point, Dom felt that what happened was done with intent. Thoughts like that inform how you behave. But once he realises that it was an accident, Dom realises that he has to be the bigger man and say, ‘let’s serve justice here’.”

In dramatic scenes to be shown during a one-hour special on Tuesday 10 June, Dom will be seen storming into the courtroom and declaring that Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) didn’t mean to kill his daughter. But his outburst only makes things worse as the prosecution ask for manslaughter to be added to the indictment, making a prison sentence still an option.

Belle takes a risk and pleads not guilty, but with the verdict set to come in, what does the future hold for the young Dingle? “Well, once Dom has his say in court, he actually waits outside,” continues Johnson. “He can’t bear to be in the room himself. But he does hear Lisa give a wail, so he knows that the verdict isn’t good.”


The plotline makes the exit from Johnson on the ITV soap as – following the trial – Dom finds himself unable to stay in the village. “I’ve met some incredible people on this job, especially while working on this big storyline,” says the actor. “I’ve total respect for Steve Halliwell, who plays Zak. I’ve had some brilliant times with him and he’s such a great storyteller. All the actors are very dedicated to what they’re doing. That’s what I’ll take away – the level of commitment that people have for the work. That’s what I’ll treasure most from my time at Emmerdale.”