Emmerdale spoilers: James to tell Chas that Adam is his son – Lucy Pargeter interview

But, following the bombshell news, will Chas end up revealing everything to Cain?

A game of ‘truth or dare’ is to spin out of control for Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and James (Bill Ward) next week as long-held secrets come spilling out.


“They’ve been playing this game and they’re both a bit drunk,” says actress Lucy Pargeter. “They’ve been talking about their sons and when James mentions that Aaron can’t come back to the village because he’s an arsonist, Chas decides to tell him the truth. She feels it’s safe to open up and explains that he took the fall for Adam.”

Aaron was last seen fleeing to France after taking the blame for a fire that his friend Adam (Adam Thomas) had started at the local garage. But little does Chas realise that by revealing this news, she’s giving James news that directly affects his son. In the last few weeks, viewers have seen James disclose to Moira (Natalie J Robb) that he is Adam’s true father, but it seems that this new-found news is set to spread.

With Chas’s confession playing on his mind, James later warns Moira that he’s going to tell Chas that Adam is his on. Panicked, Moira begs him to reconsider, but he’s adamant that Chas needs to know if they are to have any chance of a normal relationship. 

Later, James confesses all and explains the history between him and Moira, but Chas’s reaction isn’t what he expected:


“She’s shocked and her first instinct is to think: does Cain know?” continues Pargeter. “She assumes he does, but James is quick to tell her that only he, Moria and Chas know the truth. Chas is adamant that Cain has to know – after all, she was disowned by the Dingles at one point for keeping secrets. James and Moira both try to persuade Chas to keep her mouth shut, but you’ll have to wait and see whether they succeed.”